Visit to an IKEA Foundation-funded school in Ethiopia

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I send a message to you from Bahir Dar today, where people are very friendly. Indrias (he is a UNICEF Communication Specialist) and Salamon (UNICEF driver and helper) help us a lot. We learned some new expressions in Amharic – an Ethiopian language (for example: thank you “ameseginalew”, cheers “letenachin”, good morning “dena aderik” for men and “dena aderish” for women). We have taught them some Hungarian words – they speak Hungarian well.

This morning we went to 2 schools near Bahir Dar. We learned a lot of interesting information about student and teachers. This education system is very different from ours. Children go together between age 4 and 6 in a kindergarten before first grade, just like in Hungary. The kids are too cute. I held back my tears only 3 minutes when I heard children’s voices and they greeted our team. I felt tears running down my face. Can you imagine that situation? Everybody kept smiling, just one girl was crying. Yes, the only one was me :).

I was so happy when I sat down among them. The children showed us a traditional game and dance. Sara convinced me to sing some traditional Hungarian kids songs together. It was funny, but it seems to me children liked our small, spontaneously production.

After when we finished, Indrias said we had to go to another class. I was so sad, because I wanted to stay there with my new friends. Indrias asked the children, “What do you think if the girls stay here?” The children looked scared. 

We visited the second class where we tried to learn how to write our names.

We have experienced a lot of beautiful and incredible things, but now it`s not the end. We will experience traditional Ethiopian dancing with Indrias and Salamon tonight.

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