FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


What does the IKEA Foundation do?
The IKEA Foundation helps children and families in some of world’s poorest communities help themselves to a better everyday life by funding programmes that support fundamental needs for children and women; a place to call home, staying healthy and safe, getting an education and making a living so they can develop the tools to take control of their own future, by turning the cycle of poverty into a circle of prosperity.

We secure top experts and develop innovative approaches by partnering with well-established and well-regarded NGOs and IGOs who are able to navigate and influence government policy and help us achieve the critical mass it takes to make a major impact.

What’s your address? How can I contact you?
Stichting IKEA Foundation (IKEA Foundation)
P.O. Box: 11134
2301 EC,  Leiden

The Netherlands

Where does my euro go when I buy a soft toy at IKEA?
To help educate children around the world – already helping more than 12 million children in 46 countries from over 88 million EUROS donated through the IKEA Foundation Soft Toy for Education campaign began in 2003.

The funds support UNICEF and Save the Children projects aimed at creating child-friendly schools with well-trained teachers for all children, girls and boys, including those from ethnic minorities and those with special needs.

During the holiday season each year, one euro for every soft toy sold in IKEA stores worldwide is donated by the IKEA Foundation to Save the Children and UNICEF, to support educational programmes around the globe.

What kinds of projects does the IKEA Foundation fund?
A wide range of programmes through partner organizations, that together address the full circle of basic needs for children and families to help them break the cycle of poverty and take control of their own future. Programmes we fund support this circle of prosperity for children and families; a place to call home, a healthy start in life, a quality education, and a sustainable family income.

We help out in three different ways:
MONEY Financial support for programmes.
GOODS In-kind donations of IKEA products.
KNOW-HOW Sharing key IKEA-expertise, like logistics.

How does the IKEA Foundation help in a disaster?
Immediately after an emergency, we donate a variety of IKEA products or give cash grants to comfort people and help address immediate humanitarian needs. Later, we fund projects to rehabilitation or reconstruct key services and structures – such as schools – through our partners including Save the Children, UNICEF and the UNHCR.

How much money does the IKEA Foundation distribute annually?
142 MILLON EUROS was donated by the IKEA Foundation during 2016 alone.

What was the IKEA Social Initiative?
Now part of the IKEA Foundation, the IKEA Social Initiative began in 2005 to oversee efforts to support the fundamental needs of children across the developing world – from education to better health and safety. Its main partners are UNICEF and Save the Children, a partnership that goes back over 10 years.

What’s the relation of IKEA stores to the IKEA Foundation?
The Stichting IKEA Foundation is a Dutch charitable foundation, funded by the Stichting INGKA Foundation. The Stichting INGKA Foundation in the Netherlands owns INGKA Holding B.V., the parent company of IKEA.

How does the IKEA Foundation follow up on funded projects?
Annual grants are dependent on partners providing annual programme reports demonstrating that funds have been used properly and according to original intentions.

How are funding decisions made?
Everything we do is guided by these principles:

•Our support should assist people in need, primarily children in the developing world, to help them make real and lasting changes in their lives and lead them to take control of their own future.
• We work to take a comprehensive approach to areas we support and address various contributing causes of a situation to get better results.
• Programmes should reflect IKEA business philosophy of partnership, long-term focus, cost-consciousness; innovation, creativity, constant improvement and strong ethical behavior.
• We try to be an active partner in everything we do – asking critical questions, and where applicable, sharing unique IKEA expertise with partner organizations.
• We always look to monitor and maximize the return on invested capital and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our support programmes, so we can be sure we’re doing as much we can for as many people as possible.

How are funding partners selected?
We get the best results by working with partners who know the most in the areas we want to support. That’s why we partner with programmes managed by established and well-regarded NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations), and IGO’s (Inter-Governmental Organizations) in order to secure top experts, develop innovative approaches, influence and navigate government policy, and achieve the critical mass it takes to make an impact.

Can I apply for a grant?
No, since we don’t give out direct aid, there is no grant application and unsolicited funding requests aren’t accepted. There are so many great programmes out there, but we can’t fund everything, so instead, we concentrate our resources on cultivating partnerships with key organizations to maximize our effectiveness and efficiency. We do encourage you to keep up your efforts and to look for funding avenues that match your needs.

Do IKEA stores do any community outreach?
Yes, IKEA stores worldwide are active in their communities with a myriad of efforts from sponsoring local events, education efforts, clothing and food drives, as well as environmental efforts from recycling to reforestation. You can learn what each store is doing via links to each country and local store from www.ikea.com. In addition, countries where IKEA has stores respond to emergencies in their area – from flooding to storms and earthquakes – with in-kind donations of IKEA products and funding efforts to restore and rebuild.

What CSR activities take place at IKEA?
Sustainability (CSR) is an integrated part of the way IKEA is doing business and it’s seen as a precondition for doing business. We aim to take responsibility for people and the environment through the entire value chain – from the way we source raw materials till the very end of a product’s life once customers are done with them. Read more in the “IKEA Sustainability Report”, available on www.ikea.com.

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