A good start is half the battle

Riccardo DOttavio

I was sure that the trip to Indonesia would be full of surprises, but I certainly did not expect a start so exciting.

Official dinner with STC and vice-regent of Garut in the Regent House by Chiara Longhin

After a short stop in Bandung for a first introduction on the projects carried out by Save the Children, we received a dinner invitation by the vice-regent of Garut. Waiting for us there was a “court” of photographers, cameramen and local authorities. After an initial moment of panic, mixed with embarrassment, we sat down to eat and chat as if we were in our living room.

Tea in the Regent House by Chiara Longhin

The informal atmosphere did not prevent us talking about issues as important for the governor as for the IKEA Foundation and Save the Children. After dealing with several topics, we focused on the main theme of this trip: the policies of inclusion of children with disabilities within the educational path.

In Indonesia, 14% of children with disabilities live in West Java and one in 15 children with disabilities is abused, neglected or subject to violence or exploitation by their family or community. We learned with pleasure that Italy is, for them, a reference point in inclusion policies and we shared our experiences of this.

Starting like this gives us the right energy to carry on with this amazing journey!

Greetings and goodnight from our new friends by Lavinia della Croce.


Riccardo DOttavio

Riccardo DOttavio

I am 30 years old and I'm Italian. I began my journey with IKEA in 2012 as a stageur in Ancona Store and after five years, nine different contracts, three business functions and four apartments, I'm now working in the Pisa store, responsible for Recovery. I'm really greatful for this opportunity and I can't wait to share with you this experience. Ho 30 anni e sono italiano. Ho inziato il viaggio con IKEA nel 2012 come stagista nel negozio di Ancona e, dopo 5 anni, 9 tipologie contrattuali, 3 funzioni, 4 apparamenti, ora sono nel negozio di Pisa come Recovery Responsible. Sono molto grato per questa occasione e non vedo l'ora di condividere con voi quest'esperienza

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