Unreal but non-movable boundary

Max Hsieh

Everything with shapes seems to lose its functionality and boundary at India; bus and passenger, rich and poor, even male and female. We can see all of these mixed up in the same frame. But beyond the shape, there is a huge and stable great wall to limit people’s thoughts and behaviour.

On this day, we walked into a restaurant at the corner, through a simple glass door to divide inside and outside into two different worlds. People inside wear nice shirts and eat their lunch, but there are people outside begging for their living and hungry. The most innocent child stands by their parents in facing the difficulties in their world. I can’t imagine how it must be for a child with intellectual disabilities; it must be harder to live and learn how to survive. Organisations like the IKEA Foundation and Special Olympics are necessary and helpful; they can offer real help for these special children. And at the same time, people who work at IKEA can join the meaningful activity together through IWitness.

Selfless and kind. Photo by Max Hsieh.

“To take care of special children and also teach them how to make a living when they grow up”. These are the words of a teacher who works at Little Angel School. Yes, it makes sense. School cannot be a permanent shelter for these children. After they become an adult, how do they earn their living? It’s an issue which we need to care about. At Little Angel School, they have courses to teach children with intellectual disabilities how to sew, how to weave and many more job skills. I am so touched by the intimate and selfless behaviour.

Max Hsieh

Max Hsieh

My name is Max. This year is the eighth year I’ve worked at IKEA. I used to hold the position as a store shopkeeper. But last year I changed my position from store sales to EC 3S. It’s a huge change for me, as it means I can reach different parts of the company and gain knowledge which I didn’t know before. I am a person who loves peace and always keep myself on the bright side. Movies are my favorite hobby. I could spend all day at theatre, especially for a movie I’ve looked forward to seeing for very long time, to watch it over and over again. I would like to take this passion and share with people who need more love and sympathy.

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