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I work in the service office for IKEA Taiwan as the External Communication Manager. It is so great to have this opportunity to join the IWitness programme to learn more about what IKEA is doing for sustainability and contribute my own experience to make the world better. I have travelled to different countries around the world and love to meet and know different people when travelling. 哈囉!我是Nancy,在IKEA總公司行銷部負責廣告公關的工作,我認為能在工作中做社會服務是一件很棒的事,很高興這次有機會能參加IWitness,親眼去看親自參與IKEA在全球做的永續發展方案,並把這些經驗帶回來分享給更多人。我喜歡旅行,並在旅行的過程中能認識各式各樣不同的人。

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